Fulltime Recorder

Preventive measures are the best form of maintenance.

Fulltime Recorder Series

The Fulltime Recorder is the world’s first power quality monitoring device that doesn’t require trigger thresholds, capable of continuously recording all parameters of power grid frequency for over a year. It’s a revolutionary product. With a continuous sampling capability of up to 1024 data points per grid cycle, it can record transient data such as voltage fluctuations, flicker, harmonics, ensuring accurate transient recordings and allows for long-term trend observation.
Compared to fault recorders, the Fulltime Recorder possesses various functionalities like continuous waveform recording and power quality monitoring. It captures and records data continuously without relying on specific trigger conditions, providing optimal data for the analysis of predictive maintenance, incidents, and abnormal situations.

Fulltime Recorder Unique Features


Continuous Recording

No reliance on specific conditions for capturing data. Sampling accuracy remains consistent regardless of events (e.g., voltage drops). Continuous recording ensures precision and reliability. Extended recording time allows users to analyze trends and understand long-term equipment operation and changes.


Easy Data Storage

Patented compression technology allows recording data to be stored on a single unit for over a month. When combined with a system, recording data can be stored on a server computer for at least a year, depending on storage space. Past trend graphs can be retrieved, and analysis periods can be extended, such as analyzing data on an annual basis.


High Sampling Rate

Zoom-in trend observation charts to detect rapid changes within a very short time frame, and confirm the sequence of events.


Simple Operation

User interface resembles everyday software, making it easy to learn and use. Trend graphs, spectra, phase angles, events, summary tables, and other analysis charts avaialble to cater to multiple scenarios.


Event Alerts

Set conditions using built-in standards or customized parameters. The recorder generates event records when conditions are met. Through communication and backend planning, the recorder’s status and event alerts can be displayed on SCADA or remote computers.


Multi-Parameter Comparison

Utilize and analyze over 10,000 parameters. Parameters can be horizontally and vertically compared between nodes, enhancing the efficiency of incident analysis.


Cross-Site Comparison

Synchronize with GPS time, to allow data from different sites or voltage levels can be compared. Understand inter-circuit correlations, making incident analysis more efficient.


Power Loss Sustainment

A power loss sustainment time of up to 15 seconds ensures that power conditions after power loss are continuously recorded, providing strong support for retrospective review and analysis.


Main Feeder Voltage Drop Visualization

Present voltage drop information in a single-line diagram format: Automatically compile voltage drop records from multiple recorders for intuitive and rapid review. Show the affected circuit positions and related information for each voltage drop incident.


Automated Incident Reports

Monitor on-site power circuit status, visually display and alert operators to incidents, and compile relevant information to aid in understanding on-site conditions.

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