Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Preventive measures are the best form of maintenance.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Product Series

The wireless temperature monitoring equipment kit includes passive wireless Sensors, Reader, Antenna, and a Display, suitable for temperature monitoring in general environments and within power systems.
Sensors do not require batteries, they are wirelessly powered and transmit data wirelessly. This eliminates concerns related to battery expansion due to high-temperature sensing positions and reduces safety hazards associated with maintenance and replacement in high-risk locations. These temperature sensors have a long lifespan, require no maintenance, making temperature monitoring in high-voltage and high-current environments safer and more durable.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Unique Features


RFID Communication Technology

Utilizes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) digital communication technology for precise measurement, digital transmission, CRC error checking, ensuring stable communication with reliable signals.


Event Alerts

Set conditions and customize high-temperature and temperature difference alerts. Through transmission and backend planning, temperature status and event alerts can be displayed on SCADA or remote computers.


Battery-Free Operation

Specially designed passive wireless sensors operate with low power consumption and wireless power supply technology, eliminating the need for batteries and current transformers (CT). This makes long-term temperature monitoring in high-risk locations a reality.


Safety and Reliability

Eliminate safety hazards related to battery expansion due to high-temperature sensing positions and reduce maintenance and replacement risks in high-risk locations. This ensures safer and longer-lasting temperature monitoring in high-voltage and high-current environments.


Interference Resistant

The core micro-IC of the integrated temperature sensing chip in the passive wireless sensor features RFID communication and temperature measurement integration. It does not require additional temperature measurement components, possesses a unique ID, effectively prevents communication interference, and reduces issues related to misreads and incorrect values.


Compatibility with SCADA

Coupled with SCADA, temperature data is stored on the computer and can be retained for at least one year, depending on storage space. This allows for the retrieval of historical trend charts and extends the analysis period, such as annual analysis.

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